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Best Way to Slice Prosciutto: The Art of Hand Cutting

How to master the skill of slicing prosciutto by hand.   Karst prosciutto (‘kraški pršut’ in Slovene) features in many parties, celebrations, and food events in Slovenia. It’s also a popular starter in any typical Slovenian dinner. That’s no wonder, as it’s highly prized by gourmets, and is a symbol of the Karst region’s rich..

5 Exotic Meat Specialities That You Must Try While in Slovenia

Eat some of the most exotic or unusual meat dishes that Slovenia has to offer. And, they’re not the usual beef or pork.   What tickles your fancy? Is it bear or horse meat? How about some appetising frogs’ legs, or dormouse? You probably heard the expression ‘As quiet as a dormouse’. Soon enough, you’ll get..

5 Vegan Slovenian traditional Dishes

Eating vegan is becoming more popular by the day. You wouldn’t be the first to think this is a fairly new trend. Think again. Vegan dishes were actually the norm back in the day when people would prepare simple and healthy food.

Best 7 Slovenian chefs

What do you expect, when seeking out new culinary delights? The same as the rest of us foodies – only the best! And that’s exactly what Slovenia has to offer.

List of traditional Slovenian dishes

Did you know, that an average Slovene eats 121 kilos of cereals, 93 kilos of meat and 36 kilos of sugar a year? We certainly don’t like to go hungry, that’s for sure.

4 Most common ingredients in Slovenian cuisine

Traditional Slovenian dishes are mostly based on local ingredients that were accessible at the time. Whatever could be grown or raised would be used in local culinary.

7 traditional Slovenian dishes that will never go out of style

Beef soup, roast beef and potatoes. What’s that, you ask? It’s the holy grail of traditional Slovenian cuisine.